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IAN (indole-3-aceto nitrile)

a plant growth-regulating hormone.
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No American goes slow," said Ian Maclaren, "if he has the chance of going fast; he does not stop to talk if he can talk walking; and he does not walk if he can ride.
We interviewed also through a grating in a mud wall closing a blind alley an immensely corpulent Ital ian, who, the ex-sergeant-major remarked to me perfunctorily, had "killed another man last year.
Swansea RFC head coach Richard Lancaster said: "I got to know Ian when he came to university and came to play for us from there.
Williams, an Oxford graduate, made six appearances for his club, who said in a statement: "It is with great sadness that Doncaster RFC announces the passing of prop forward Ian Williams.
The Print Shop Thief - Fergus is determined to help Young Ian lose his virginity, and the plan actually seems to actually work.
Would it be Ian Veneracion's 'more mature' character, a family man who's had his marriage (to Iza Calzado) annulled-or, will she choose the younger and 'less encumbered' character played by Xian Lim, who used to be her BFF but has finally realized (slow-learner) that his love for her is not platonic?
Sure Mom," Ian said, scuffing his toe on the carpet.
Former TT winner Ian, 58, of Bedlington, Northumberland, was killed in a smash on June 10 while competing with his son, Carl, who suffered minor injuries in the collision.
Roz, 66, and Ian, 71, got hitched in January 1968 but drifted apart and split in 1991, after having three children, Ian, 45, Stewart, 43, and 36-year-old Ewan.
By the way, Ian also has a stepson, Steven, who once held him hostage and another son, Peter, who moved to New Zealand to get away from him.
Ian Ramsey pupil Claire Huitson featured in the pages of the Gazette a few months later after winning a diving competition.
But when new owner Ian Turner was diagnosed with a complex medical condition, he proved to be an incredible support.