Joseph, anatomist in Hapsburg Empire, 1811-1894. See: Hyrtl anastomosis, Hyrtl foramen, Hyrtl loop, Hyrtl epitympanic recess, Hyrtl sphincter.
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Un trayecto superficial a la cabeza supernumeraria contradice la Teoria de Hyrtl, quien en 1871 sugirio que la presencia de las cabezas supernumerarias se deben a que el nervio musculocutaneo perfora el musculo braquial produciendo asi esa cabeza supernumeraria (Rodriguez-Niedenfuhr et al.
En el ano de 1842 el grabador Jakob Hyrtl afirmo que lo tenia.
Anatomy was still a relatively new science; Joseph Hyrtl published the first applied anatomy textbook Handbook of Topographic Anatomy.
Hyrtl (1845) investigated the number of openings at the vestibulum that lead to the semicircular canals.
There is no indication that she had any contacts in Prague, unlike in Munich, where she met David Friedrich Strauss, whose Das Leben Jesu she had translated, and Vienna, where she and Lewes visited the anatomist Joseph Hyrtl.
In 1865, Hyrtl first described this condition in musicians who were learning to play wind instruments.