hypothetical question

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hypothetical question,

n the assumed or proved facts and circumstances, stated to constitute a specific situation or state of facts, on which the opinion of an expert is asked, in producing evidence at a trial.
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Replying to hypothetical question about a situation where Left Front gains a commanding position to enable the UPA to form government but scrapping of Nuke-deal is set as a pre-condition, Manmohan Singh said: "Well.
Abe said he wanted to withhold comment on a hypothetical question with a specific country in mind.
They said his opinion that malnutrition ``quite possibly'' affected her heart came in response to a hypothetical question posed by prosecutors.
Directed by and starring Trey Parker (co-creator of Comedy Central's hit "South Park"), "Orgazmo" poses the hypothetical question, "What happens when a Mormon missionary stumbles upon a live porno set?
Report co-author Professor Peter John, of Manchester University, told Radio 4: "This is a hypothetical question.
Sanchez answered yes to the hypothetical question asking whether she would personally vote for Valley cityhood, Ferreyra said.
They are not going to make a ruling on a hypothetical question.
Both, however, balked at the idea of administering the death penalty to a juvenile when they were asked a hypothetical question about how they would respond to a family member's death at the hands of a minor.
It's a hypothetical question so we can't deal with it really," O'Sullivan stated.
The airline said that it realises that the minister was speaking about a hypothetical question and that it would support any moves to allow consolidation in the region.
But he insisted that it was a hypothetical question and there was confusion over Italy's plans.
BLATTER: 'In terms of how Fifa might have handled the situation, again, it is a hypothetical question.
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