hypothetical question

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hypothetical question,

n the assumed or proved facts and circumstances, stated to constitute a specific situation or state of facts, on which the opinion of an expert is asked, in producing evidence at a trial.
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Asked repeatedly why his party is opposing it, Yadav said, "This is hypothetical question.
The hypothetical question that if the union doesn't support that and excludes every Premiership player from playing for England, then it will do very well to sell out Twickenham using players from the Championship.
Asked what Japan's response would be if the United States launched military action against Syria, the top government spokesman declined to comment, calling it a hypothetical question.
Al-Sharkawy's first hypothetical question addressed the dissolving of the People's Assembly by the Supreme Constitutional Court last year.
While AAPS supports innovation in medicine, others want the Court to rule on the broad hypothetical question of whether a "human gene" is patentable.
Still, the merits of her arguments may be obfuscated by more provocative examples, as with a hypothetical question motivated by the apparent meaninglessness of the lives of our forebearers.
It was a hypothetical question re if Michael Clarke asked me.
He said, 'We do not exclude anything, but for now this is an entirely hypothetical question.
However, answering the hypothetical question of whether the contract would have been terminated under the same circumstances in the days of Mubarak implies that the decision has apparently come in line with and in response to revolutionary demands.
A hypothetical question of course, but it suggests a high degree of local autonomy, such as we saw in action last week, is no bad thing.
When pressed further on the issue, he said, "I can't answer hypothetical question.
he will not answer a hypothetical question, according to the report.
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