Hyoscyamus niger

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Herbal medicine
A herb that is the primary source of atropine, hyoscyamine and scopolamine; henbane was formerly used by herbalists, but is now regarded as unsafe by the FDA.

Toxic effects
Blurred vision, convulsions, delirium stupor, vertigo, and in high amounts, death.

Hyoscyamus niger

a European plant in the family Solanaceae; contains sufficient hyoscyamine to cause poisoning; signs include restlessness, excitement, muscle tremor and dilatation of the pupils. Called also henbane.
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On the base of pharmacological studies (19992009) for the standardization and quality control of herbal medicinal plants, we have developed recommendations concerning historical and traditional priority--technology of production of ecologically sound standards of raw materials and products of medicinal, aromatic, spicery and poisonous plants of our country : Foeniculum vulgate L--essential oils-3-5%, flvonoids -0,5%; Valeriana officinalis L--exstracted solids 27,8%, essential oils- 2%, isovaleric acid 0,91; Melissa officinalis L--essential oils 0,33%, vitamins C 150 mg%, carotene 7mg%; Carum carvi L--essential oils--7,2%; Thymus vulgaris L--essential oils 2,2%, Salvia officinalis L2,5%; Hyoscyamus niger L--alkaloids -0,5%;