Hymenolepis lanceolata

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Hy·me·nol·e·pis lan·ce·o·la·'ta

a tapeworm of aquatic birds, rarely found in humans.


a genus of cyclophyllidean tapeworms of the family Hymenolepididae; mostly have little pathogenicity.

Hymenolepis cantaniana
found in small intestine of chickens and other birds.
Hymenolepis carioca
occurs in fowls.
Hymenolepis diminuta
occurs in wild rodents and in humans.
Hymenolepis lanceolata
found in ducks and geese.
Hymenolepis microstoma
found in duodenum, gallbladder and bile ducts of rodents.
Hymenolepis nana
occurs in primates, rodents and humans. Called also dwarf tapeworm.