hydrolytic enzymes

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hydrolytic enzymes (hī·drō·liˑ·tik enˑ·zīmz),

n.pl complex catalytic proteins that use water to break down substrates. See also hydrolysis.
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albicans from yeast to more pathogenic hyphal form at sub-inhibitory concentrations, but also has a significant inhibitory effect on the secretion of hydrolytic enzymes during infection.
By adding hydrolytic enzymes, the molecular weight of NSPs is reduced which reduces viscosity and associated problems.
This new approach to model the active sites of polynuclear metallo enzymes has the potential to yield large electron reservoirs to serve as relays in multi-electronic reduction processes (Cu) and provide complexes with the enhanced reactivity and selectivity of multi- metal hydrolytic enzymes (Zn).
4] The atherosclerotic plaque contains large numbers of inflammatory cells that may release hydrolytic enzymes and cytokines, thereby destabilizing the plaque (1).
The targeted activity of hydrolytic enzymes was another attractive feature.
In a similar way, researchers have demonstrated that neutrophils may contribute to tissue injury by the release of leukotrienes, free oxygen radicals and hydrolytic enzymes in ISO induced MI (11, 30).
One approach involves incorporation of hydrolytic enzymes into low-surface energy polydi-methylsiloxane coatings to provide a dual mechanism for reducing attachment of marine organisms.
Effects of sorbitol addition on the action of free and immobilized hydrolytic enzymes in organic media.
Successful disruption of pathogenic biofilm must combine agents, such as hydrolytic enzymes and chelators, with antimicrobial agents.
This is due to the large scale use of hydrolytic enzymes for the hydrolysis of carbohydrates and proteins.
Therefore, the objective of this study was to investigate the effects of grassendophyte symbiosis on the arginine ammonification rates and the activities of the hydrolytic enzymes in the rhizosphere of tall fescue in a saline soil under greenhouse condition.
Activity of hydrolytic enzymes in a case of subacute multiple sclerosis.