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A popular term for several types of piston-rod hydraulic tools used to pry open or cut apart vehicles in MVAs/RTAs when a victim is trapped inside.
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The contract is for the supply of three sets of heavy-duty hydraulic rescue tools.
Tenders are Invited for Delivery vehicles to transport people, light reconnaissance vehicle - rescue and heavy hydraulic rescue tools.
Details Because the various manufacturers of hydraulic rescue tools produce different sizes and models of tools, and because we intend for this process to be as open and inclusive as possible, we have not specified specific tools, models, or sizes.
Tenders are invited for procurement of hydraulic rescue tools (each set consisting of hydraulic spreader, cutter, rescue ram and power pack
a brief description ofFramework agreement is subject to the terms and procedure in the contract documents - 12 (twelve) sets of hydraulic rescue equipment with the purchase of their supply contracting, logistics centers (Vardja village, Kose Parish, Harju County)- A framework agreement during the period of hydraulic rescue tools for routine maintenance exercise,- A framework agreement during the period of the emergency repair work of hydraulic rescue tools,- Hydraulic rescue tools to perform emergency repairs, parts purchasing,- Conduct training for contracting staff member.