resistance training

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resistance training

any method or form of strength training used to resist, overcome, or bear force.

resistance training

Weight training Sports medicine Exercising muscle(s) against weight. See Exercise.

re·sis·tance train·ing

(rĕ-zis'tăns trān'ing)
Using weights (e.g., dumbbell, barbell, machine), technique chronically loads a muscle group in an attempt to increase strength over time (some techniques include progressive resistance, isometric, and isokinetic weight training).

strength training

training achieved by working dynamically against high loads or statically against fixed resistances. In both cases the forces involved must be such that relatively few repetitions are possible without a substantial rest period. A sustained strength-training programme will progressively increase the loads and number of lifts over a period of months, the exercises being performed in several sets, each embodying a specified number of repetitions. In the first 2-3 months the main improvement in strength is attributable to increased recruitment of motor units within the pre-existing muscle mass (the 'neural phase' of strength training); thereafter, increase of muscle fibre diameters is the major factor ('hypertrophic phase'). aka resistance training. See also weight training.
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Fluid control remains a major component of current commercially available prosthetic knee joint technology, with major technological gains in the control of hydraulic resistance and the ability to do so throughout the gait cycle rather than just in swing phase, as described by Dr.
This program is built around Easy-to - learn hydraulic resistance machines, There are no weight stacks to change or seat positions to manage.
The Surge 360 is a versatile, ground-based machine that uses hydraulic resistance to replicate the movements and anaerobic exertion of real punching and fighting.
Curves works every major muscle group with a complete 30-minute workout that combines strength training and sustained cardiovascular activity through safe and effective hydraulic resistance.
Their 30-minute routine is based on a circuit that combines hydraulic resistance machines, aerobic exercise, strength training and stretching for a complete body workout.
Curves is an all-female gym with a little bit more - the Curves system involves a 30-minute workout based on a circuit that combines hydraulic resistance machines, aerobic exercise, strength training and stretching.
The calculation of the pressure loss by means of the hydraulic resistance is achieved based on the pressure loss coefficient.
NHS South of Tyne and Wear has provided a range of South Tyneside community venues with Easy Line hydraulic resistance gymnasium equipment so that they can offer group exercise sessions.
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