Hunter's glossitis

Hunter's glossitis,

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Vitamin B12 deficit diagnosis was performed with hematological manifestations given by macrocytic anemia, neurological manifestations by ataxic gait, and in skin and mucosa by Hunter's glossitis.
However, Hunter's glossitis is the most frequent presentation, found in up to 25% of the cases and it is characterized by a reddish, smooth tongue with atrophy of lingual papillae and alterations of taste; all the aforementioned was present in the patient (5).
4 Table 2 Relationship between clinical manifestation of B12 deficit and geriatric syndromes Clinical manifestation of B12 deficit Geriatric syndrome Hematological: Megaloblastic anemia Anergy Pancytopenia Neurological: Sub-acute combined Dizziness, syncope degeneration of spine Polyneuropathies Falls Cerebral syndromes Frailty Optic neuropathy Functional decline Cerebrovascular disease Failure to thrive Gastrointestinal: Diarrhea Anorexia of aging Weight loss Cachexy Protein-energy malnutrition Skin and mucosa: Hunter's glossitis Mucocutaneous ulcers Angular cheilitis Cardiovascular: Atherosclerosis Dizziness Coronary disease Syncope (hyperhomocysteinemia) Venous thromboembolism Falls Psychiatric: Dementia Cognitive decline Falls Frailty