dried human serum

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dried hu·man se·rum

serum prepared by drying liquid human serum by freeze-drying or by any other method that will avoid denaturation of the proteins and will yield a product readily soluble in a quantity of water equal to the volume of liquid human serum from which it was prepared.
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This work describes a new method for simultaneous determination of citalopram with NSAIDs (piroxicam, celecoxib and diclofenac sodium), its validation and application in pharmaceutical formulation and human serum.
Competition of human serum albumin and fluorescein isothiocyanate-HSA on cells
Furthermore, bacterial survival in human serum varied greatly.
Determination of ferritin concentration in 5 human serum samples by in house designed ELISA using 2F9-C9 inAb compared with a commercial ferritin measurement kit Samples 2F9-C9 Commercial ELISA kit 1 43 41.
For DTB in human serum, the underestimation of DTB by the Vitros 5,1 FS diazo method (total bilirubin) has already been reported (3).
8] cells/ml) were incubated with serially diluted human serum (100 [micro]l) at 37[degrees]C for 60 min.
Human serum albumin is reversibly shifted to a more oxidized state by recent intense exercise.
The reacting IgG class antibody, which was purified from normal human serum by affinity chromatography on bupleuran 2IIc (a pharmacologically active pectic polysaccharide from the roots of Bupleurum falcatum)-immobilized Sepharose, showed cross-reactivity not only with some other pharmacologically active pectic polysaccharides from other medicinal herbs but also with autoantigens such as single-strand DNA, myosin and tublin from mammals.
human serum albumin, ferritin, and endotoxins) can be transported via pinocytosis.
The product is approved for the detection of antibodies to HIV in human serum, plasma or whole blood and is the first and only device to be approved for use with all three sample types.
In mice genetically engineered to make human serum amyloid P, CPHPC lowered the concentration of serum amyloid P in the blood and shrank amyloid deposits.
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