Thomas, Hugh Owen

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Thomas, Hugh Owen

Brit. orthopedic surgeon, 1834–1891.

Thomas heel

A corrective shoe in which the heel is approx. 12 mm longer and 4 to 6 mm higher on the medial edge. This produces varus of the foot and prevents depression of the head of the talus.

Thomas splint

A splint originally developed to treat hip-joint disease. It is now used mainly to place traction on the leg in its long axis, in treating fractures of the upper leg. It consists of a proximal ring that fits around the upper leg and to which two long rigid slender steel rods are attached. These extend down to another smaller ring distal to the foot.

Thomas test

A test used to identify hip flexor contractures. Lying supine with the legs off the end of the table, the patient flexes the knee and tries to pull the thigh to the chest. Inability to perform this maneuver or extension of the opposite knee indicates tightness of the iliopsoas or rectus femoris muscle.


Hugh Owen, English surgeon, 1834-1891.
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Coming from a family of historic bone setters, a distant grandfather of Kelvin Williams includes Hugh Owen Thomas, inventor of the Thomas Splint, a device mimicking bone stability to reduce pain to fractured or broken bones.
Alder Hey soon became a Alder Hey soon became a specialist centre for orthopaedic care, under expert surgeon Major Robert Jones, who had learned about fracture care from his uncle Hugh Owen Thomas - considered the father of British orthopaedic surgery.
The talents possessed by Evan were passed down the OUR MAN ANGLESEY generations and his great-grandson Hugh Owen Thomas is credited Owen Hughes.
Hugh Owen Thomas (1834 - 1891) came from a family of unqualified bone-setters in Anglesey.
Hugh Owen Thomas, an orthopaedic surgeon from a long line of folk medicine practitioners known as the "Anglesey bonesetters", saved thousands of lives in the trenches with his Thomas Splint, which immobilised fractured limbs.
Hugh Owen Thomas, an orthopaedic surgeon from a long line of folk medicine practitioners known as the 'Anglesey bonesetters', saved thousands of lives in the trenches with his Thomas Splint, which immobilised fractured limbs.
Un o deulu Meddygon Esgyrn Mon oedd Hugh Owen Thomas, ac mae'n dipyn o arwr gan yr awdur J Richard Williams, sydd wedi sgwennu llyfr am y teulu nodedig hwn.
Yn Yr Herald yr wythnos dwytha soniwyd am y meddyg esgyrn enwog Hugh Owen Thomas, ac mae penddelw ohono yn Neuadd Ceiriog - yr unig un o'i fath.
Much of what she had learned about splints, plaster of paris and orthopaedic frames came from Jones, who himself had learned his art from his uncle, Hugh Owen Thomas (1834-1891), who had devised the Thomas splint for immobilisation of hip and femoral injuries and disease, and who had preached the value of prolonged, continuous and perfect immobilisation of diseased joints and of fractures.
I actually lead a tour of the graveyard as it is the final resting place of so many notable people including: the eminent historian and architect Sir James Picton; confederate agent and mastermind behind the famous warship the Alabama, James Dunwoody Bulloch; the famous brewer, Sir John Bent; the Rathbone family; Titanic victim Alfred Rowe and the great chemists, William Gossage, Samuel Muspratt and Hugh Owen Thomas whose inventions have saved countless lives.
Rhes ar ol rhes o strydoedd wedi eu codi gan Gymry; dwsinau o gapeli mawr wedi bod yn ffynnu - y mwyafrif erbyn hyn wedi cau neu eu dymchwel; cyfraniad meddygon megis Hugh Owen Thomas ac Emyr Wyn Jones; siopau Lewis ac Owen Owens.