Ambrosius A.W., Dutch zoologist and comparative anatomist, 1853-1915. See: Hubrecht protochordal knot.
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Deliver: delivery, assembling office, hospitality and laboratory furniture for the newly constructed building E of the Hubrecht Institute in Utrecht.
Hans Clevers of the Hubrecht Institute, have isolated and grown stem cells from the pancreases of mice using a 3-D culture system previously developed by Dr.
Dr Hemant Kocher of Barts Cancer Institute in London and The London NHS Trust, who led the four-year joint project with Cambridge University and the Hubrecht Institute in Holland, found that raising levels of Vitamin A in healthy cells around the cancerous ones can inhibit cancer growth.
Hans Clevers of the Hubrecht Institute, The Netherlands, have isolated and grown stem cells from the pancreases of mice using a 3-D culture system previously developed by the scientists.
Officers: Johan Smit, Danie Barnardo, Tony Viljoen, Pierre Lourens, Rynhardt van Rooyen, Michael Poll, Fred Oosthuizen, Percy Jacobs, Bosman Olivier, Pat Kuhn, Johan Hartmann, Hubrecht Ribbens Newsletter editor: Pierre Lourens
InteRNA Technologies was incorporated in December 2006 by Aglaia Oncology Fund and has established close relationships with the research groups of its founders Edwin Cuppen, PhD, and Eugene Berezikov, PhD, of the Hubrecht Institute (Utrecht, the Netherlands), leading scientific groups in the field of miRNA research.
Dr Hubrecht Ribbens, who spoke on "Techniques to Observe and Analyse Celestial Objects and Phenomena".
van der Saag, Hubrecht Institute (Utrecht, The Netherlands) for generously providing the transgenic mice.
Employee empowerment, while used as a management strategy in several business organisations is also used in hospitality organisations as a means of creating service quality, hence, creating a competitive advantage (Hirst, 1992; Hubrecht & Teare, 1993).
The contract is for the maintenance cleaning of all components belonging to Hubrecht Institute.
along with investigators at the Hubrecht Institute for Developmental Biology and Stem Cell Research, Utrecht, Netherlands, have described a new method through which they were able to infinitely expand liver stem cells from a mouse in a dish.