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Heinrich F., Polish anatomist and histologist, 1834-1907. See: Hoyer anastomoses, Hoyer canals, Sucquet-Hoyer canals.
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Allan Davison, operations director for Hoyer Petrolog in the UK and Ireland, said the extension of operation to cover logistics on behalf of Esso was a significant development for the business.
Allan Davison, operations director for Hoyer Petrolog in the UK and Ireland, said the broadening of operation to secure logistics on behalf of Esso was a major upgrade for the business.
Hoyer said the bank would conduct "very thorough investigations" to determine whether VW had used any of the funds for nefarious purposes.
HAULAGE specialist Hoyer Petrolog UK is renewing its backing for Transaid, the international development charity focused on transport management and driver training in developing countries.
Hoyer said the bank was in the process of finalising an additional tailor-made product to support the island's small to medium-sized enterprises.
Earlier, President Hoyer met with representatives from Cypriot banks to sign credit lines totalling e1/475 mln in support of small and medium-sized enterprises (SME).
Pettine said in a statement that the switch isn't about Hoyer or Manziel, but about the Browns.
When quizzed later by reporters on whether the EIB would be funding an LNG terminal on the island, Hoyer responded: "I never heard about it.
Pettine delayed his decision after both Hoyer and Manziel played poorly in an exhibition loss at Washington on Monday.
Hoyer was penciled in as the starter during the training camp and his season ending knee injury might have factored in to the hype of a rookie taking the job from him.
15, it will preclude the specter of over the next year having the government to shut down," Hoyer said.
The president of the European Investment Bank (EIB), Werner Hoyer, has said that it was essential to restore trust and confidence in the Cyprus banking sector to help the economy to recover.