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n the act of benefitting financially by using someone's name or likeness without permission; e.g., using a dental patient's radiographs in an article without obtaining his or her permission.
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news in the jeans world, with celebrity AMERICAN |brand Eagle Outfitters is hot news in the jeans world, with celebrity fans including Emma Watson, W Robert Pattinson and Blake Lively.
And the clueless cops have hot news for Ian Beale on the crucial search for the mysterious man on the bus.
Micheal Koncz doused cold water over the recent hot news that the mega-fight will happen in September 2014 to immediately put an end to what was after all, a wild rumour which stemmed from a YouTube video that was posted on December 13.
The new site has a live chat system for Sales, a section on hot news topics, and an Easy Insight video on DocuTrac's clinical records and practice management solutions.
The current suit is only the latest in a rash of recent copyright and hot news litigation (3) aimed at combatting news aggregators, or websites and mobile applications that digitally copy headlines and short excerpts of news stories from various Internet sources and display them all in one place.
Cross began the program with the hot news, released the same day, that Coach has signed on as the first tenant for the development and explained Coach's unique vision for their space (urban office loft) followed by the current overview of the master plan including retail, hotel, office, residential and open space, transportation hubs and the architecturally distinct cultural center.
com was a major setback for companies that want to strengthen the hot news doctrine and use it to shield themselves from new, online competition.
Take a closer look at the South Liverpool property market and the suburb of Hunts Cross is fast becoming hot news on the housing front.
Looking for Laura; public criminology and hot news.
The "clickjacking" scam adds fake posts on users' news feeds, encouraging them to click on infected links with the lure of hot news items and disaster footage.
And the hot news is that Ricky Gervais has just joined the cast in an as yet unspecified role.
Hot news events such as the death of pop singer Michael Jackson also inspired consumers to rush to shop online for merchandises related to the events, the portal site's study shows.