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Frank L., Jr., U.S. physician, 1906-1971. See: Tamm-Horsfall mucoprotein, Tamm-Horsfall protein.
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This was a fact not lost upon William Horsfall, of the Mersey Steel and Iron Works.
Robin Horsfall is best known for the Iranian Embassy Siege in London, during which he shot and killed a leading terrorist in one of the most daring SAS raids in modern British history.
PREMIER League newcomers Huddersfield Town have recalled defender Fraser Horsfall due to a lack of opportunities at Gateshead.
A PAUL Horsfall hat trick proved in vain as Underbank Rangers were mauled 50-28 at home by Featherstone Lions.
Horsfall presents a guide for any gardener facing the challenge of bringing a garden damaged by the elements--including drought, heatwaves, bushfires, frosts, storms, diseases, and pests--back to life.
Cassie McCord, 16, died in 2011 from serious head injuries when 87-year-old Colin Horsfall lost control of his vehicle in Colchester, Essex.
Brian Rawlings, 69, implicated co-defendant Gordon Horsfall on the first day of their attempted murder trial.
Gordon Horsfall could face 15 years in jail if convicted of attempted murder during the feud between British and African dealers.
WEBSTER & Horsfall is one of the world's leading manufacturers of wire and strip, providing bespoke products to a diverse range of clients throughout Europe, North America and Asia.
by Sara Towe Horsfall, Jan-Martijn Meij, and Meghan D.
The company still manufactures on the same site in Hay Mills, and members of the Horsfall family went along to the Thinktank to talk to visitors about their 300-year history in the industry.
Jackie McCord called for a law change after driver Colin Horsfall, 87, mounted the pavement and killed her daughter Cassie, 16, as she walked to college.