Horse Allergy

Immunology Allergy attributed to equine dander and hair which is surprisingly common despite urbanisation of most populations in the US as well as in advanced countries
Veterinary medicine A generic term for any adverse immune response in a horse linked to exposure to allergens—e.g., pollen, moulds, animal hair, insects, or foods—which evoke a response in the lungs, skin or GI tract
Clinical findings Respiratory symptoms (heaves and wheezing), skin response (itching and fever) and other symptoms including coughing, tearing of the eyes and oedema around the shoulders
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Shadid, 43 died in Syria last week near the Turkish border from an asthma attack apparently triggered by a horse allergy.
Lawrence Wosskow was unable to welcome back his maiden winner Haunting Memories due to a horse allergy
He did it all himself today," said the jockey who had begun the afternoon with a three-day ban for careless riding on the Queen's horse Allergy to add to a two-day holiday picked up earlier in the week.