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van Horne,

Jan (Johannes), Dutch anatomist, 1621-1670.
van Horne canal - the largest lymph vessel in the body, beginning at the cisterna chyli at about the level of the second lumbar vertebra. Synonym(s): thoracic duct
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For Horne, pride caused Japanese leaders to misappropriate historical analogy and attempt to view their battles with the Soviets and Americans as nearly identical to their struggle against Tsar Nicholas Il's Russia in 1905.
But Findlay suggested to Horne that the Murray team wanted to sell "for the right reasons or not", provided Rangers' bank debt was cleared.
Brought up in Kenilworth, Horne initially represented Ireland who she qualified for through her mother But Horne's father was born in Barry and Horne switched to link up with Welsh Cycling in 2012 as she developed under the expert tutelage in the Newport velodrome Initially Horne competed with Team USN before representing Wales at the 2014 Commonwealth Games.
Horne will depart OBU "this summer," according to announcements from both OBU and AICU.
Police were called and they arrested 41-year-old Horne.
Horne joined Time Warner as Senior Vice President and Deputy Controller in 2011, after 11 years with AOL Inc.
Biotechnology company Targeted Medical Pharma Inc (OTC BB:TRGM) revealed on Wednesday the addition of William B Horne as its chief financial officer.
Laura Shortland, director of Shortland Horne, said: "We are delighted Olivia agreed to come and join our team.
Horne grew up in Harlem and says gentrification made her housing search "laughable" because she couldn't afford to purchase any properties.
Horne expects Redknapp to be on the list of contenders when Fabio Capello's successor is chosen.
It is thought Mr Horne, of The Dene, crashed into a barbed wire fence which tore open his harness air bag and caused him to fall to the ground.
Horne refused to play black stereotypes, so her scenes were cut from films when they played in the South.