Referring to hoplophobia, a morbid fear of guns
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Of course, not everyone who is licensed routinely carries, nor is everyone who carries licensed, but many are and do, and a growing number of them are refusing to disarm at the whim of Congress, the President, or a hoplophobic business owner.
That meant not only moving the outfit's corporate ordnance pile, but my own guns and ammo, referred to by hysterical hoplophobic newspersons as "a 'NARSENAL
While it does not surprise me to see a histrionic hoplophobic anti-gun editorial in the July 21 Register-Guard, the lack of basic math skills and the use of a notoriously slanted Web site for fact checking alarms me.
Indeed this reporter saw several articles in The New York Times and reports on network television in which hoplophobic writers and broadcasters let their imaginations run wild with the name as they described the ammunition as "emitting razor sharp claws which grabs and slash their victims.
As to the hoplophobic fears of criminals taking advantage of the new gizmos to terrorize the nation, they are completely unfounded.
What the Kelly Report actually amounts to is a taxpayer-funded publicity stunt for Mike Bloomberg and his hoplophobic obsession.
They want to export those restrictive gun laws to other cities, towns, and the nation under the tried and true hoplophobic formula that when a gun control law fails, the reasonable response is to institute more gun control laws.
History and an endless array of scientific studies--and the Bradys' own simplistic scorecards prove that gun control laws do not save lives, do not reduce crime, and do not "protect the children," despite the hoplophobic rantings of the Brady Bunch and their so-called Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.
Though the Court clearly suggested that the Second Amendment applied primarily to military-style arms, hoplophobic judges and gun control advocates interpreted the decision to mean that only those actively participating in a government sanctioned militia had a right to arms.
The anti-rights lobby and hoplophobic media latched onto that clear-eyed assessment and focused on how tragic such a mistake would have been.
I also became much more aware of the many roadblocks thrown up by hoplophobic politicians to discourage citizen carry.