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The curious thing, funny, actually, is that as much as the gun-haters demand imposing "smart guns" on the "free" market, institutional hoplophobia has proven as big an impediment as any argument from the "pro gun" side.
The salve includes subtle shifts in the language you use, the mindset you bring to the table and compassion you show to the unfortunate individuals who suffer from hoplophobia (morbid fear of weapons, Jeff Cooper's term for it), assuaging their conviction of losing.
Ending the ban on qualified faculty and staff members carrying or having access to firearms makes enormous sense, and while that step has been taken in a few localities, it is, politically, a bridge too far in the current environment of pervasive hoplophobia among educators and administrators in most places.
As well as Moore's fear of guns - or hoplophobia - famous victims include claustrophobic director Woody Allen, who is scared of closed spaces, and ichtophobic movie star Brad Pitt, who is terrified of sharks.
Despite that official hoplophobia, per a USA Today report, three out of four NFL players own guns.
Miss Winifred Wimple's hoplophobia rarely lasts through Media Day at the Range, an event held the day before SHOT Show, where members of the media get to shoot the latest guns and burn tons of free ammo.
Roger Moore is terrified of guns - hoplophobia - despite his 007 roles.
Why does the AMA refuse to recognize or treat hoplophobia and its horrific effects?
A single word can change the nature of an entire national debate, and hoplophobia is just such a word.
Hoplophobia killed Erik Scott and a corrupt system allowed his accusers and executioners to get away with it.
Motivated by either statist political ideology or craven hoplophobia and a fervent desire for a utopian gunless society, they are intense, dedicated and contemptuously dismissive of any opposing view.