Honey Intoxication

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(1) Infant botulism, attributed to ingestion of Clostridium botulinum spores, which germinate in the GI tract, producing toxin
Mortality < 3%
(2) Mad honey disease
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We present the case of a patient with the mad honey intoxication and review the pathophysiology and diagnostic considerations.
DiscussionMad honey intoxication is a sort of food poisoning generally reported from Japan Brazil North America and some other countries in addition to Turkey.
To our knowledge Pubmed and Google search results found five cases of mad honey intoxication with ECG changes similar to that in acute coronary syndrome a serious arterial hypotension as the common feature.
Taking into account all cases and our case with the presence of ST changes in inferior leads it is considered that mad honey intoxication may cause the circumflex and right coronary arterial involvement.
Mad honey intoxication observed in our case and in all reported up to date four cases revealed no abnormalities in CAG study.
Generally mad honey intoxication has a temperate clinical course but in some cases it leads to serious haemodynamic disturbances which mimic acute coronary
In patients suspected of the acute coronary syndrome with normal or moderate troponin I and CKMB levels clinicians should be vigilant in case of normal CAG and question patients regarding mad honey intoxication.