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Stochastic simulation of the influence of variation of mineral material and dose weight on the homogenity of hot-mix asphalt, Construction and Building Materials 22(9): 2007-2014.
The "eastern model" of nation building is, predominantly, related to sentiments of common territory, blood ties, genealogies, population movements, vernacular languages, tradition and customs, thus implying a group's homogenity, whereas the "western" one is related to legal and political community, citizenship, egalitarianism, liberty and democracy, civil culture, thus heterogenity; Saga Nedeljkovic, Cast, krv i suze (Belgrade: Zlatni zmaj/Odeljenje za etnologiju i antropologiju Filozofskog fakulteta, 2007).
Furthermore, the peak of PLA20 was not so smooth indicating the less homogenity as compared with the other samples.