Suicide Bomber

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A person who uses his own body to deliver explosives, knowing that he/she will die in the explosion
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A Palestinian state under the control of a leadership that believes using humans as homicide bombers and employs terror as a weapon will surely provide shelter to al Quaeda types from all over the world.
Organizer Charlotte Kates said that she, as well as the sponsoring organization, the New Jersey Solidarity Movement - an offshoot of International Solidarity - supports Palestinian homicide bombers.
Homicide bombers have murdered over 365 Israelis in just the last 32 months.
As the only trauma centers in the region, Hadassah hospitals treat victims of homicide bombers as well as treating those 'unsuccessful' bombers who do not die while killing others.
Gissin said, 'When they chose Arafat, they chose a strategy of terror, and they chose to continue sending suicide and homicide bombers to Israel.
Neither have these same compassionate protesters for peace seen fit to protest the parade of homicide bombers killing innocent Israelis.
Although the homicide bombers group claims responsibility, responsible people do not kill others.
A lot of anger at the Bush household and not a word about how the Israeli army did nothing different than the homicide bombers.
Who turned its children into homicide bombers, filling them with hatred of Israel and the United States?
Calling these terrorists homicide bombers, one's first impression is of the loss of innocent lives, for which there is no excuse.