Robert W., 20th-century U.S. ophthalmologist. See: Hollenhorst plaques.
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Hemispheric neurological symptoms, amaurosis fugax, and Hollenhorst plaques detected in ophthalmologic examination are findings that require imaging in the diagnosis of CAS.
On the other hand, researchers have shown differences in the descriptions of flow experiences reported by members of different groups and cultures (Jackson, 1992; Jones, Hollenhorst, Perna, & Selin, 2000).
Bakker will join Azelis in September 2016 following the retirement of Martin Hollenhorst in August.
Hollenhorst, Katmai National Park and Preserve Visitor Study Summer 2006 Park Studies Unit Visitor Services Project Report 182 (2007).
The WFW team was headed by Hamburg-based partner Thomas Hollenhorst, with support from senior associate Alexander Wojtek and associate Pascal Unger.
Thomas R & Elizabeth E Hollenhorst R, to Lawson Steven G & Sandra A, $262,000, 1627 38Th Loop, Florence.
Finally, I thank Pam Hollenhorst and the Institute for Legal Studies at the University of Wisconsin Law School for their generous hospitality during my year at the Institute.
Hollenhorst, Tentative Opinions: An Analysis of Their Benefit in the Appellate Court of California, 36 Santa CLARA L.
The Zion National Park Study (Le, Evans, & Hollenhorst, 2007) exhibited many similar visitor characteristics of this study.