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An instrument for making a bony opening through the cranium.
Synonym(s): trephine (1)


(pĕr′fō-rā-tor) [L., a piercing device]
1. An instrument for piercing the skull and other bones.
2. A blood vessel that penetrates an organ (e.g. the septal perforator arteries of the heart); any of the perforating veins of the lower extremities

tympanum perforator

An instrument used to perforate the tympanum.
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I have never checked, but I strongly suspect she is also the owner of a hole punch despite her faintly rebellious side.
Hole punch a few holes in one end and tie some white ribbon into the holes to hang out like streamers.
Make a single hole punch in each side of the circle shape.
ADD a fun twist to the filing with this single hole punch from Bureau which gives a choice of dinosaur, heart, Scotty dog or teddy bear shaped holes.
Bin liner or foil wrapping paper; two thin bamboo canes or long bamboo skewers; ruler for measuring and then for the handle; acrylic paints and brushes or pens; scissors; string; sticky tape; Stanley knife; hole punch
Tenders are invited for Supply of Training Eqpts : Easel Board Stand,Pencil Sharpener (Table type),Single Hole Punch,Double Hole Punch,Stapler Machine Heavy duty HD 12S/17,Laser Pointer etc
The corresponding Papiernachverarbeitung has Schneider, perforator, hole punch unit for filing holes and merger.