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Albert, German surgeon, 1859-1907. See: Hoffa operation.
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Prior to rejoining HNTB, Hoffa most recently served as a senior project manager for another consulting firm, working with the Strategic Projects Division of the Texas Department of Transportation.
Defending champion Reese Hoffa - who was feeling a bit weary after traveling to Eugene from the IAAF Diamond League meet in Doha, Qatar - could have used the extra electricity Friday night at Hayward Field.
Jimmy Hoffa knew all about the cupidity of man and once famously told a reporter: "Every man has his price.
Hoffa went against the order and tried to reclaim control of the Teamsters, which unsettled the mob.
Before YRC begins looking for acquisition targets they should first restore our members' wages and pension contributions," Hoffa said.
In July, Hoffa, along with the General Presidents of the other major pipeline crafts, approved the transfer of $100,000 from the defunct Pipeline Unions Mobilization Project (EU.
Recommendations R Hoffa to win men's shot 1pt 3-1 BetFred P Kozmus to win men's hammer 1pt e-w 25-1 BetFred
The Hoffa fracture refers to an isolated, coronally-oriented fracture of either femoral condyle, with intra-articular extension.
El proposito del estudio fue el realizar una caracterizacion histologica e inmunocitoquimica de la grasa infrapatelar de Hoffa.
In response to the latest pilot program announcement, Teamster President James Hoffa changed the focus of his objections.
In a letter to Obama, Teamsters president James Hoffa described the tariffs as excessive and suggested that the US government take appropriate actions.
The International Brotherhood of Teamsters union said on Friday that its general president Jim Hoffa had joined hundreds of workers from Atlantic Southeast Airlines (ASA) and Coca-Cola as they held a rally at Teamsters' Atlanta headquarters.