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Joseph, British physician, 1788-1869. See: Hodgson disease.
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He introduces me to the captain of "162"--Captain Purnall, and his relief, Captain Hodgson.
Yes," says Captain Hodgson, answering my thought, "Castelli thought he'd discovered the secret of controlling aeroplanes when he'd only found out how to steer dirigible balloons.
Captain Hodgson opens the great colloid underbody porthole through which I watch over-lighted London slide eastward as the gale gets hold of us.
Captain Hodgson makes a motion to shut it off but checks himself.
That's one of Lundt & Bleamers' boats," says Captain Hodgson.
I have been waiting eagerly for this invitation and I follow Captain Hodgson from the control-platform, stooping low to avoid the bulge of the tanks.
In heavy weather you jockey her with the screws as well," says Captain Hodgson, and, unclipping the jointed bar which divides the engine-room from the bare deck, he leads me on to the floor.
Full-jewelled, you see," says Captain Hodgson as the engineer shunts open the top of a cap.
Tim's sparking badly about something," says the unruffled Captain Hodgson.
That'll fetch something," he says, while Captain Hodgson watches the General Communicator.
Captain Hodgson opens the underbody colloid, swings the heavy pithing-iron out of its rack which in liners is generally cased as a smoking-room settee, and at two hundred feet releases the catch.
Before the match coach Roy Hodgson had said a loss would end his tenure, and on Friday he proved as good as his word.