Hockey Stick

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Referring to an elongated cylindrical mass ending in a gentle curve, fancifully likened to a hockey stick
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But before they could create the robot, engineers needed to study the motion of the hockey stick during a slap shot.
However, the head-on film of the finish confirmed that Jolly hockey sticks had hung into Deep Winter, prompting the stewards to reverse the result.
Contrary to the evolution of the puck, natural wood is still being used for hockey sticks even by some professional players.
This had to be the first time in the history of mankind, Bach, and Louis Armstrong that anyone connected the tapping of a hockey stick with the lonely howl of a bugle.
In evidence the girl said she had recognised all three men involved and that Murphy had struck her father on the head with a hockey stick outside their home.
Players sit on their "skates" (sleds) and use two shortened hockey sticks with ice picks in them to propel themselves across the ice.
A string of 999 emergency calls reported that a group of 12 to 15 men were fighting with swords, hockey sticks and machetes.
He punched and kicked 35-year-old Shona Fowler and hit her repeatedly with hockey sticks after he found her in bed with murder victim David Allison, 36.
Make rules for safe use of equipment such as hockey sticks, bats, and scooters.
the world's largest manufacturer of hockey sticks in a $40 million market.
rings with the clash of hockey sticks or the dribble of basketballs, but last week it played a small role in a different kind of battle--a long-running dispute between the Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) and inventor Joseph W.
Brett will contribute design ideas for Miken's line of high performance composite hockey sticks as well as other protective gear, and his prominence and respect in the world of hockey will help elevate Miken's exposure to players of all levels.