Hockey Stick

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Referring to an elongated cylindrical mass ending in a gentle curve, fancifully likened to a hockey stick
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The court heard that Mr Allison, of Slakiewood Avenue, Mount Ellen, Lanarkshire had a total of 133 injuries, including six cuts to head which were consistent with being hit by a hockey stick.
A few years ago, hockey sticks with aluminum shafts and replaceable wooden blades made their appearance in hockey rinks.
Miken's proprietary technologies have since been adapted to create high performance composite hockey sticks, a natural extension of the brand.
I had made promise with 85 players who have their dialing practice under qualified coaches in the Lala Ayub Hockey Stadium to provide hockey sticks, shoes, uniform and tracksuite and it was fulfilled in a week time," Amjad remarked.
However, the head-on film of the finish confirmed that Jolly hockey sticks had hung into Deep Winter, prompting the stewards to reverse the result.
Top of the range hockey sticks and cricket bats were several hundred pounds while boot studs or gumshields are just a couple of pounds.
SANTA CLARITA - Those permanent markers that come in handy for labeling football helmets and hockey sticks could be off-limits to young athletes if the city restricts the product's sales to minors.
JOLLY hockey sticks come to Warwickshire with spiffing school comedy Daisy Pulls It Off.
A FAMILY was confronted late at night by three young masked men wielding hockey sticks, a jury heard yesterday.
It has already marketed a tennis racket made with QXT, the Wimbledon Conqueror, and plans to expand into footwear, batting helmets, football pads, hockey sticks, and golf clubs.
The Cowansville plant is specialized in producing Rbk and CCM branded hockey sticks and it employs 90 people.
President of Pakistan Women's Hockey Association, Khushbakht Shujaat said she will be distributing 100 hockey sticks amonthe players to popularize, promote and develop hockey among the women folk.