Hockey Stick

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Referring to an elongated cylindrical mass ending in a gentle curve, fancifully likened to a hockey stick
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Shahbaz Ahmad donated a hockey stick to support by England Hockey and working in partnership with the FIH, The Hockey Museum is always looking for additions to its collection.
They seized a golf club, a hockey stick and something else I couldn't see," she said.
Moreover, a couple of his colleagues, Caspar Amman and Eugene Wahl, subsequently published papers claiming to have confirmed Mann's Hockey Stick with their own research.
The following day, they equipped themselves with a knife and the hockey stick and lay in ambush outside the victim's apartment.
Believing the gun was real and that he would be shot, Mr Lingarooban went on the attack and came round from behind the counter, brandishing the hockey stick in the air.
The Hockey Stick is also an exciting book because it lets us observe the drama of the conflict of interests playing out in the political arena.
With the Horse Hockey Stick the rider can clear the trail without dismounting.
But before they could create the robot, engineers needed to study the motion of the hockey stick during a slap shot.
Grandad George was a Bevin Boy, one of the young men conscripted in wartime to work in coal mines, when he first grabbed a hockey stick.
ECHO mobile For news/sport/text ECHO to "Then this man who was walking three dogs takes out a hockey stick and just battered him over the head.
Patnaik and his team worked hard to create a mini-stadium with a hockey stick and a seven-feet high World Cup trophy at the Puri beach.
Bill also gives Niall a special magic hockey stick to inspire him and tells him to never give up, never quit.