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Sistema de monitoramento psiquiatrico em usuarios do cha hoasca [Psychiatric surveillance system in hoasca tea consumers].
Working in the Amazon, Gabriel encountered natives who introduced him to the mysteries of ayahuasca (also called hoasca and yage), a tea typically made with Psychotria viridis leaves, which contain DMT, and the Banisteriopsis caapi vine, which contains chemicals that make the DMT orally active by preventing enzymes from breaking it down before it can reach the bloodstream.
And she condemns the courts for interpreting RFRA to create an exception for religious use of hoasca, (14) a drug that is similar to peyote in its chemistry and religious use, "without hearings or studies" (p.
First, the court stayed the district court's preliminary injunction against hoasca prosecutions pending resolution of an appeal, (48) then the court affirmed the injunction in a panel decision, (49) and then in an en banc decision.
En el ano 1999, agentes federales de aduanas interceptaron, primero, un envio a la UDV de tres barriles de hoasca y entraron, despues, en las oficinas de la organizacion confiscando todo el te ayahuasca alli almacenado.
The tea, called hoasca, contains the hallucinogen Dimethyhryptamine, which is banned under the federal Controlled Substances Act.
During UDV services, worshipers drink hoasca, a tea that contains the hallucinogen dimethyl-tryptamine (DMT).
Hoasca tea is made from a Brazilian plant that contains an illegal controlled substance.
Farmacologia humana da hoasca: estudos clinicos (avaliacao clinica comparativa entre usuarios do cha hoasca por longo prazo e controles; avaliacao fisiologica dos efeitos agudos pos-ingestao do cha hoasca) [Human pharmacology of hoasca: clinical studies (comparative clinical assessment between long-term consumers of the hoasca tea and controls; physiological assessment of acute effects after ingestion of the hoasca tea].
Para apoiar sua posicao, o governo forneceu evidencias de que a substancia controlada presente na hoasca (como a ayahuasca e chamada na UDV), DMT, "pode causar reacoes psicoticas, arritmias cardiacas e interacoes medicamentosas adversas" (Gonzales, 2006, p.
the right to import hoasca, a sacramental tea, even though doing so
Customs inspectors seized a shipment of hoasca under the CSA, the UDV challenged the seizure as a violation of RFRA's protections for free exercise of religion.