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Eduard, German psychiatrist, 1838-1907. See: Hitzig girdle.
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Distinguished LLC CEO, Jeremy Hitzig, said, 'American Hole 'n One is the undisputed leader in the hole-in-one business with a team that offers 30 years of industry expertise.
Accord senior vice president Simon Hitzig along with CapX managing partner Jeffry Pfeffer, founding partner James Hallene, and partners Eric Starr and Barrett Carlson, structured the transaction with Accord.
En aleman el adjetivo hitzig quiere decir violento, y la secuencia de las letras "tzg" produce un sonido cortado y desagradable.
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In 1870, Fritsch and Hitzig using electrical stimulation of the cerebral cortex determined that a specific area of the dog's cerebral cortex controlled motor movements (Finger, 1994).
Letter to Hitzig, November 11, 1829; Goethe 1987: 285) In such depressing circumstances, where is the free ability and mature readiness for engaging with the broader literary world about which Damrosch boldly speculates?
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Cerebral localisation research carried out by the likes of David Ferrier in Britain and Gustav Fritsch and Eduard Hitzig in Europe is ostensibly the main focus of the book.
Los principales descubrimientos en este periodo, que se relacionaron con la diferenciacion del papel de la corteza cerebral en el control del comportamiento y los descubrimientos de las cortezas motora y sensorial--a cargo de Gustav Fritsch y Edward Hitzig en el primer caso y de David Ferrier en el Segundo--, serian determinantes para consolidar las neurociencias en su caracter experimental, que ligado a la observacion clinica habria de avanzar de manera importante el estudio de la relacion cerebrocomportamiento.
Kurz darauf geraten der Ritter und sein Geschlechtsteil in einen heftigen Disput, in dem auch der Penis hitzig empfiehlt, man moge sich qua Kastration trennen: