Hite Report

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A mid-1970s report on female sexuality based on a questionnaire developed by Shere Hite in New York City in the 1970s, while at Columbia University and the National Organizaton for Women
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Dr Shere Hite caused a sensation when she published The Hite Report on Female Sexuality in 1976, which detailed the sexual feelings of American women.
During the last 25 years, women have changed their relationship with men, but their ties with other women have not been altered," says Shere Hite, 56, whose "The Hite Report on Female Sexuality," published in 1976, was selected as one of the best 100 books of the 20th century by the London Times.
Here Esterhazy pays tribute to The Hite Report on female sexuality: he used it as a guide for his "questionnaires" in this chapter.
THE HITE REPORT ON THE FAMILY: Growing Up Under Patriarchy.
If such fountains of scholarship as Alfred Kinsey's famous "reports," Cosmopolitan, and Shere Hite's Hite Report (1987) are to be believed, there's a whole lot of cheating going on in America.
Statistics in Dr Shere Hite's book, The New Hite Report, show that, while only 15 per cent of women had had a sexual relationship with a women, 71 per cent were curious or would like to try one.
The latest edition of The Hite Report said British women, in common with their counterparts in New Zealand and Australia, were finding sexual independence through their individual relationships at home and at work.
The New Hite Report banishes the notion that English women are reserved.
New Hite Report Shows Adultery Rate Rose Among Reporters in Wake of Gary Hart-Donna Rice Scandal: Author Says Too Many Sex Stories "Demoralizing' Press'
Dr Shere Hite, the world-famous sex expert, whose latest editon of the controversial Hite Report is just out, says the balance is swinging away from a world based on male sexual values.