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Isador, U.S. dentist, 1881-1965. See: Hirschfeld canals.
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The President showed me how he reorganized the library not only by subjects but also by putting them in chronological order," Hirschfeld said.
In a chapter on Marlowe's Doctor Faustus, Hirschfeld argues that the play engages sixteenth-century controversies over Christ's descent into hell.
Hirschfeld, who usually teaches adult apprentices, said he likes teaching the teenagers because they soak up the knowledge.
Hirschfeld has completed over 75 triathlons as well as previous Ironman competitions and the NYC Marathon.
This was somewhat of a dream-come-true for Hirschfeld, who had previously tried to qualify for this race six or seven times.
president and CEO of Hirschfeld Properties since 1997, Elie Hirschfeld has dedicated his professional life to real estate development planning and implementation.
Hirschfeld and his colleagues' contribution was to conceive and construct a mathematical model that fit these observations "very nicely," he said.
The Brazilian drilled his low effort through a crowded penalty area and into the corner of the net beyond an unsighted Hirschfeld.
In the 53rd minute a cross from Drogba was sent crashing against the crossbar by Wright-Phillips and Lampard's effort from the rebound was easy for Hirschfeld to deal with.
That field has in recent years become synonymous with the work of Jeffrey Masten--an ironic accolade, given his deconstruction of individual "hands"--and Hirschfeld devotes space in the first of two introductory chapters to asserting both the value and the recuperability of the cultural information that gets lost in his model.
It is also part of the Hirschfeld Holiday Triumvirate, which includes paperback editions of The Speakeasies of 1932 and Hirschfeld's Harlem.
In fact, it seems that the desire to be innovative has prevented Hirschfeld from objectively considering the data in its entirety.