(hĭng′kəl), Beatrice Moses 1874-1953.
American psychiatrist who cofounded the first psychotherapy clinic in the United States (1908).
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On October 2, US District Court Judge Robert Hinkle issued an order blocking provisions of a sweeping Florida anti-abortion law from going into effect.
Two involved multiple juveniles, and one minor left two facilities at different times, according to department spokeswoman Brandi Hinkle.
If you have questions, please contact Jean Hinkle, County Administrator, 719-383-3000.
Bre Hinkle has been announced as the new marketing coordinator.
Hinkle declined to strike another Bar advertising rule that past results used in lawyer advertising must be "objectively verifiable.
Angus Chemical Company: appointed Scott Hinkle as chief financial officer.
Less lethal" bullets were fired to shoot out the cabin's lights, Hinkle said.
Work by two current RVCC faculty members will be featured in the exhibition: Jonathan Ricci of the college's Visual and Performing Arts Department and Kevin Hinkle of the Communication and Languages Department.
Layton Hinkle of Interactive Roofing said, "Our goal is to educate the community on how to get the best results for all their property improvement projects at any budget.
Perreira and wife, Mary, of Lancaster; two daughters, Heidi (Perreira) Hinkle of Lafayette, Colo.
SALINA - Jordyn Hinkle was talking to his friend Kurt Alyxandir about how so many transgender people cannot afford medically necessary surgery.
Hinkle, granting the highly disputed notions that the globe is warming, that this is largely caused by humans, and that this warming will on net be destructive (a debate beyond the scope of this post), argues that carbon dioxide emissions impose "negative externalities"--by which he means economic harms on others.