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John, English surgeon, 1804-1878. See: Hilton law, Hilton white line, Hilton method, Hilton sac.
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As soon as Ogilvy saw me among the staring crowd on the edge of the pit he called to me to come down, and asked me if I would mind going over to see Lord Hilton, the lord of the manor.
I failed to find Lord Hilton at his house, but I was told he was expected from London by the six o'clock train from Waterloo; and as it was then about a quarter past five, I went home, had some tea, and walked up to the station to waylay him.
Hilton Cubitt, of Riding Thorpe Manor, Norfolk, is very anxious to know.
Hilton Cubitt, but I should be very much obliged if you would kindly go over it all again for the benefit of my friend, Dr.
If you take me, Hilton, you will take a woman who has nothing that she need be personally ashamed of, but you will have to be content with my word for it, and to allow me to be silent as to all that passed up to the time when I became yours.
Because I had a wire from Hilton Cubitt this morning.
If it really annoys you, Hilton, we might go and travel, you and I, and so avoid this nuisance.
Hilton Cubitt, please continue your most interesting statement.
Your grammar is excellent," Professor Hilton informed him, staring at him through heavy spectacles; "but you know nothing, positively nothing, in the other branches, and your United States history is abominable - there is no other word for it, abominable.
Professor Hilton paused and glared at him, unsympathetic and unimaginative as one of his own test-tubes.
Professor Hilton is right, and if I were you, I'd go to night school.
The station for Howards End was at Hilton, one of the large villages that are strung so frequently along the North Road, and that owe their size to the traffic of coaching and pre-coaching days.