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A female impersonator or gynaemimetic in the Indian subcontinent, who may have had partial surgical sex reassignment. Hijras belong to a traditional social organisation, part cult and part caste; they worship the goddess Bahuchara Mata. Their sexuoerotic role is that of female with men
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The prevalence of HIV among hijra sex workers (HSWs) was found to be 16.
The Grand Mufti of Jordan Mohammad Al Khalayleh also stressed the need to learn from the lessons of Hijra to achieve a better future for the Islamic nation.
The hijra community of India serves a unique aspect of society because they not only face backlash on the basis of gender, but also on the basis of class and social order, making it an unfamiliar and long ignored issue in the Indian society.
The popular understanding of the Hijra as an alternative sex and gender is based on the model of the hermaphrodite, a person having both male and female sex organ.
Zia Jaffrey, in her book, The Invisibles , confronts a hijra on the issue of castration.
2 Melesse and Blanchard used the UNAIDS Estimation and Projection Package (EPP) software to conduct modeling and they projected that in Karachi by 2015 the estimated prevalence of HIV among IDUs in Karachi can reach 50% and may continue to rise whereas the model also indicated a rising trend of HIV among male and hijra sex workers.
The Islamic Hijra calendar is a lunar calendar and is used to date events in Muslim countries (concurrently with the Gregorian calendar).
The psychosocial stressors explored involved four major domains including family work within hijra community and outside hijra community.
Security source told NINA that SWAT force raided the house of Hijra Mosque's Imam and Preacher, Salam Selbi al-Fahdawi, taking him to a security center.
Hassan said the Islamic Hijra calendar is based on lunar cycle and have 354 or 355 days in a year.
Most people think that born as hijra refers to an organic condition; but contrary to this myth, in most cases, becoming a hijra is one's own conscious attempt driving out of psychological and organic etiology.
This article aims to offer an insight into the reasons behind the emergence of hijras since 2009, which might be calle4 owing to the penetrating hijra voice, as the hijrayear.