Virtual Water

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The volume of fresh water used to produce a particular product, measured at the place where it was actually produced
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A new water test kit from Dieselcraft finds hidden water in fuel.
Dual Hydration Carry - coffee lovers have a large side pocket for a 20 oz drink or a large thermos, and there's also a hidden water bottle pocket.
Many believe a natural phenomenon causes the "divining rods" to twitch in response to hidden water.
This leads to water theft and encourages hidden water markets.
The projects, which take decades to build and operate, loom more important as a way to protect or even expand a hidden water source, as the region enters the fifth year of drought.
The hidden Water element in the Fire Monkey year will signify the Philippines' continuing territorial disputes with China.
Stone seats around a stone dining table have a hidden water spray that shoots up, leaving unsuspecting guests with a soggy bottom - except for the Archbishop's seat.
What sets this book apart is that there is thorough discussion about the world of hidden water, or the water used in the manufacturing industry, including smartphones, clothing, and even the production of household items like televisions.
Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority (SEWA) has innovated two systems for storing ground water and detecting hidden water leakage in villas and houses as part of the UAE Innovation Week.
Wiegers's emphasis on facsimile in Hidden Water renders the "unfinished" quality ' of many of the archival materials, such as drafts of poems, as well as the intimate nature of Stanford's handwritten texts.
The Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) is urging coordinated action to reduce the amount of hidden water used in food and drink production--estimated at up to 1.