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Robert O., 20th-century U.S. pediatric surgeon. See: Hickman catheter.
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Parry tucked a couple of golds under his belt in the Melbourne World Cup before flying to Germany to take up the battle once again with Hickman.
Costumes (1) Dancer, costume designer, and sculptor Annie Hickman weaves the magic of the creature world into her exquisite costumes with basketry materials and fabrics.
JAMES HICKMAN grabbed Britain's first gold medal at the European short-course championships with victory in the 200metres butterfly in Antwerp yesterday.
Cheryl Hickman is just 30 years old, but she already knows she is one lucky soprano.
Sitting at the deathbed of Senator Adam Sunraider, he tries to make sense of how Bliss, a child of indefinite r ace raised lovingly by Hickman and other members of a black congregation, could reject his past, indeed his identity, to become the racist politician now struggling for his life after being hit by an assassin's bullets.
JAMES HICKMAN snatched two more gold medals on the second day of the World Cup meeting in Paris to finish with four victories.
The tensions between the heterosexual clientele, who were coming in droves, and the gay community, who had always felt that was the place for them, were clashing," Hickman says.
But our other big gold medal hopes crashed when world short-course champion James Hickman had to pull out of his event - the latest in the long line of British casualties.
Hickman provides the answer in this groundbreaking book.
We found we were dealing primarily with species that are still alive today,' says Hickman.
Tracy Hickman, Famed Author of the Best-Selling Fantasy Fiction Series Dragonlance Plans to Send His DNA into Space as Part of NCsoft's Operation Immortality