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W.T., 20th-century U.S. scientist. See: Heyer-Pudenz valve.
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Heyer, 30, is scheduled to appear in court on Monday.
Further extending the boundaries of his practice, which shifts between media as much as between expressionist and Minimalist tendencies, Heyer arranged a performance for the opening; he enlisted .
This statistic shows that without an active, informative, and easy-to-find Web site, a small business like Heyer & Associates EA, PA might lose out on almost half of the people in its area who need the services it offers.
Heyer likens this self-correcting ability of the DNA repair system to driving in a modern city where u-turns and two-way streets make it easy to rectify a wrong turn.
Heyer said they decided to open offices in Atlanta in the United States, in Shanghai in China and in Izmir in Turkey.
By the way the film was The Reluctant Widow from a novel by Georgette Heyer and the hero was played by the late Guy Rolfe - they don't make films like that any more.
For graduate courses on probability theory, Heyer (Mathematisches Institut, Universitat Tubingen, Germany) presents a textbook on the structural aspects and applicability of the concept of a group to probability theory.
Craft, DEMI, Jane Dyer, Marilee Heyer, Trina Schart Hyman, Jim LaMarche, Barry Moser and Susan Paradis.
HARD ROAD WEST: History and Geology along the Gold Rush Trail KEITH HEYER MELDAHL
Anna Harriet Heyer (1909-2002) first achieved profession-wide recognition in 1957 with the publication of her groundbreaking bibliography, Historical Sets, Collected Editions, and Monuments of Music: A Guide to their Contents (Chicago: American Library Association).
Heyer (Assistant Professor of Christian ethics in the Department Theological Studies as Loyola Marymount University) seeks to answer the question "What is the appropriate relationship between religious beliefs and public life?
UK-based publishing company Arrow has announced that it is to publish 12 mysteries by historical novelist Georgette Heyer.