Obsolete term for Herpesviridae.
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The replication of viruses, especially of the family Herpetoviridae, has been shown to occur frequently during the course of septic shock syndromes of bacterial origin, not only as a stress-induced reactivation but also as a superinfection causing additional morbidity (12).
Citomegalovirus (CMV) es un virus de ADN, perteneciente a la familia Herpetoviridae, subfamilia [beta]-Herpesviridae, se caracteriza por su capacidad de producir infeccion latente, la cual suele reactivarse a intervalos irregulares o no acontecer (1-3).
The pathogenic viruses, Herpetoviridae, Orthomyxobiride, Reopiritae and Togaviridae have been tested with the biocidal formula.