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High Energy Repetitive CUos Laser System. An ultra compact laser built at the University of Michigan which is said to generate an ultra-fast laser pulse 50 times more powerful than all the world's power plants combined. HERCULES delivers very short pulses—30 femtoseconds, the time it takes for light to travel the distance of a blood cell—focused on an area 1/100th of the width of a hair, which has the potential for changing cancer ablation
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Randy Stilley, CEO of Hercules Offshore, commented, "Tom's contributions to Hercules since he joined the Company in August 2004 and indeed to the industry in his 35 years of service, have been significant.
The usurpation of the Hercules image by the Medici began with the commission of Cosimo dei Medici to Pollaiuolo for a series of paintings depicting the labors of Hercules for the new family palace on the via Larga.
In connection with the proposed merger, Hercules has filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the "SEC") a Registration Statement on Form S-4 that includes a joint proxy statement of Hercules and TODCO and that also constitutes a prospectus of Hercules.
I know that Hercules is a hero and he likes Megara,'' said Kelsey Kroll, 8, who looked longingly at a Megara doll while she browsed in the Club Disney store with her grandmother, Gail MacDonald.
As a Hercules senior executive, he has been part of a management team that is credited with strong growth in shareholder value as measured by a four-fold increase in the company's stock price since 1990.
Indeed, veteran Disney animator Andreas Deja, who supervised the rendering of Hercules himself, said he was taken aback when confronted with Scarfe's designs.
Hercules has been a manufacturer of engines to American industry and the military since 1915.
Hercules himself marvels at the merchandising machine while posing for promo shots for his ``Buns of Bronze'' video.
Further, the Hercules operations have annual depreciation well in excess of capital expenditures and are expected to contribute significant incremental cash flows.
Where the ancient Hercules was often rash and foolish, the modern Hercules is an unambiguously heroic do-gooder.
The Hercules space and strategic propulsion and tactical propulsion divisions, which enjoy leadership positions in the aerospace business, will give us a set of new markets in the areas of space launch and tactical missiles.
Tower's continued support of Hercules PVS for sign-off verification enables our customers to continue working in the Synopsys design environment for our specialized technology offering," said Yaakov Milstain, vice president and general manager for design services at Tower.