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High Energy Repetitive CUos Laser System. An ultra compact laser built at the University of Michigan which is said to generate an ultra-fast laser pulse 50 times more powerful than all the world's power plants combined. HERCULES delivers very short pulses—30 femtoseconds, the time it takes for light to travel the distance of a blood cell—focused on an area 1/100th of the width of a hair, which has the potential for changing cancer ablation
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At that moment the twenty thousand archers twanged their bowstrings, and the arrows came whizzing, like so many winged mosquitoes, right into the face of Hercules.
It chanced to be the very identical Pygmy who had spoken from the top of the toadstool, and had offered himself as a champion to meet Hercules in single combat.
What in the world, my little fellow," ejaculated Hercules, "may you be?
For once, Hercules acknowledges himself vanquished.
Some writers say, that Hercules gathered up the whole race of Pygmies in his lion's skin, and carried them home to Greece, for the children of King Eurystheus to play with.
Texas Instruments introduced the Hercules LaunchPad platform--an entry-level option enabling developers to gain familiarity with TI Hercules MCUs and evaluate their performance and safety features.
Hercules intends to actively consider an expansion of Shanghai Hercules' existing manufacturing capacity and product line as well as installation of new facilities to support technical applications, product development and training for the paper chemicals markets in Asia," stated Paul Raymond, president, Hercules Paper Technologies and Ventures.
Fixed or rotary wing Marine aircraft rely on the Hercules to get to and from the fight.
TSE: ATY, NASDAQ: ATYT), and Hercules Technologies (Euronext Paris, Guillemot- 6672), have entered into a strategic partnership to develop a range of graphics products, including high-end boards for the hardcore gamer and the family user.
Photo: Hercules turns to the legendary trainer Philoctetes for lessons in becoming a hero in Disney's animated movie ``Hercules.
Marlis von Hessert documents the shift in political power in Renaissance Florence from the commune to the Medici through an iconographic study of the Florentine use of the iconography of Hercules and his labors over a period of three hundred years.
Not born a god, Hercules achieved godhood at the time of his death because he devoted his life to the service of his fellowmen.