Herbst appliance

Herbst appliance,

n.pr the only fixed, tooth-borne, functional orthodontic appliance in which jaw position is influenced by a pin-and-tube spring-loaded appliance that is cemented or bonded to the teeth.
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5 Ruf and Pancherz who used the Herbst appliance for jaw growth modification therapy to correct mandibular deficiency the optimal time for growth modification was around the peak of the pubertal growth spurt.
Histologic Changes Associated With the Herbst Appliance in Adult Rhesus Monkeys (Macaca mulatta).
Long-term effects of the Herbst appliance on the craniomandibular system with special reference to the TMJ.
Appliance Pioneered by Year Herbst appliance Emil Herbst 1979 (popularized by Pancherz) Mandibular anterior Ralph M Clements 1982 repositioning and appliance (MARA) Alex Jacobson Jasper Jumper J J Jasper 1987 Saif Spring Armstrong 1989 Herbst with high pull Schiavoni 1992 head gear The adjustable bite Richard P Wert 1995 corrector Mandibular Coelho Filho 1997 protraction appliance (MPA) Eureka spring John Devincenzo 1997 Universal bite jumper Xevier Calvez 1998 Churro Jumper Ricardo Castanon 1998
A Herbst appliance has proven effective in treating chronic snoring and mild-to-moderate OSA patients.
One type that is widely used is a variation on the Herbst appliance, which is designed to help stimulate jaw growth in children.