Victor, German anatomist and physiologist, 1835-1924. See: Hensen canal, Hensen cell, Hensen disc, Hensen duct, Hensen knot, Hensen line, Hensen node, Hensen stripe.
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Minneosta Twins @ The Ballpark 9/5 The Vision of Jim Hensen, Muppets Creator @ The Science Place Detroit: 9/5 Cleveland Indians vs.
Hensen, sergeant, Oklahoma Department of Corrections; Josh M.
The new Bell test, by quantum physicist Bas Hensen of Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands and colleagues, required two diamond chips that were placed in labs nearly 1.
Hensen as Cookie and Terrence Howard as Lucious Lyon.
led a sortie with "Willy" Williams and "Horry" Hensen.
Hensen and Nakhi (1994) studied the effect of varying Biot number and Fourier number in ESP-r on the accuracy of the diffusion equation for heat flow.
George Davis (DAV, far left) along with Rick Hensen, VFW Post 9916 representatives and Frank Smith (far right, winner of new home heating and air conditioning system raffle).
Abu Dhabi Ship Building (ADSB), the UAE public joint stock company owned 10% by the Abu Dhabi Government, 40% by Mubadala corporation and 50% by private shareholders, was heavily present at Navdex, showing the Al Hensen (P 172) 915 full load corvette, the second vessel of the Buynunah class, the first missile version of the Ghannatha (see picture) fast boat class and fast interceptors for Critical Infrastructure and Coastal Protection Authority.
Jack Canfield and Mark Hensen, Chicken Soup for the Soul
The first study that we reviewed regarding this theory was published in 2001 by Hensen et al.
LEGAL EAGLES Harry Hensen, with his son Michael, who received their law degrees at Northumbria University
In their commonly-cited study which included 1571 patients, Hensen and colleagues have used the term transient polyuria instead of transient DI and used only urine output greater than 2500 ml/day as a criterion (2).