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George H., British anatomist, 1801-1871. See: Fielding membrane.
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LIKE HENRY FIELDING before her, Simonetta Agnello Hornby is a judge in England.
Such an exchange, however, can also make the delineation of the characteristic artistry of Samuel Richardson, Henry Fielding, and Laurence Sterne more difficult for students to apprehend.
Calvin Klein always develops several different accessory items -- throws, pillows, blankets -- for each bedding ensemble," said Henry Fielding, vice president of merchandising for Calvin Klein Home.
28 at 9 PM (ET) with the TRIO Sunday Night Films presentation of "Tom Jones," the 18th century Henry Fielding classic starring Oscar Award-winning actor Albert Finney as the bawdy and charming rake.
In 1749, Henry Fielding was the toast of London town.
Henry Fielding was once thought to be `a man with an essentially simple, untutored philosophy of life' (p.
A new musical play -A PEEK BEHIND THE PROSCENIUM OR, HOW TO MAKE A MUSICAL, is adapted from an original satire by 18th century novelist and playwright Henry Fielding.
These include Henry Fielding, Tobias Smollett, George Elliot, Dickens and perhaps Milton and Defoe.
THIS major historical drama series, set in vice-ridden Georgian London, follows the fortunes of novelist Henry Fielding and his brother John, the men who created the modern police force.
Traditional moral objections to anything before 1740 rejected Behn, Manley, and Haywood as well as Defoe from critical appreciation; when Henry Fielding was too coarse for the critics, Frances Burney was rejected for her vulgarity; when realism reigned, overly didactic and Gothic fiction were excluded from critical favour, taking with them Hannah More, Ann Radcliffe, Sophia Lee.
Complete the Henry Fielding novel title, The History Of *** ***, A Foundling.