Henna Tattoo

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A tattoo-like form of body art (Mehindi) in which the skin—especially the palms and soles—is painted using a paste made from leaves of Lawsonia inermis, a shrub that grows in Egypt, Tunisia, Iran, India, the Arabian peninsula and tropical Africa, popularly known as henna, henne, al-khanna and al-henna. It is applied to women as a temporary skin decoration, often for weddings and festivals for Jews, Hindus and Muslims from the eastern Mediterranean into the Indian subcontinent. Some artists use an illegal synthetic dye, p-phenylenediamine (PPD), also known as black hennam, to strengthen the colour. Prior exposure to PPD may evoke a brisk, even life-threatening, hypersensitivity reaction in response to reexposure, usually in the form of a sharply demarcated contact dermatitis
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A survey from the British Skin Foundation found that 40% of dermatologists had seen patients with skin reactions due to black henna tattoos.
He said: "People think it's a good idea to let their children have a black henna tattoo.
Be warned people, when you go on holiday or anywhere never have black henna tattoos.
In particular, there are a large number of journal articles relating to people, especially children, who have had henna tattoos and artwork applied by street vendors when on holiday abroad, which have caused 'burns' on the area of skin where the henna has been applied.
A New England Journal case study in August 2008 showed a girl's blistered hands after she had a temporary henna tattoo applied on her hands at a wedding, the New York Times reported.
What should you do if you''ve had a henna tattoo done and you''re worried it is unsafe?
FREE FOOD, good coffee and a Henna tattoo, also for free.
I would warn anyone thinking of getting a henna tattoo to ask for a test on a small patch of skin before going ahead with it.
ANOTHER youngster may be scarred for life - the latest victim of the henna tattoo craze.
A 6-year-old boy developed a skin eruption 10 days after application of a temporary tattoo advertised as a "natural black henna tattoo.
A SOUTH Liverpool teenager needed hospital treatment after a henna tattoo he got on holiday left his arm blistered and swollen.
He was delighted when his mum agreed he could have a henna tattoo on his leg while on a family holiday to Egypt.