Hans K.S., Danish physician, 1847-1901. See: Helweg bundle.
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The Moin project is the largest infrastructure project in Costa Rica and requires us at Svitzer to work and train resources of the local Limon community, in order to ensure the marine services live up to the expected standards, said Svitzer managing director for the Americas Martin Helweg.
Seanne Helweg, CAM Fishermans Village Indianapolis IN
199 Fun And Effective Fundraising Events For Nonprofit Organizations" by Eileen Figure Sandlin and Richard Helweg is a 480 page compendium packed from cover to cover with practical, proven, imaginative ways to organize and hold fun raising activities that go far beyond the usual bake sale or pot luck social.
Sandlin and Helweg present 199 fundraising event ideas that have proven successful for various organizations, including both "simple" ideas requiring less effort and money to put together and "complex" ideas requiring more effort, finances, and time.
Kristin Helweg Hanson, adjunct professor of religion and philosophy at the University of Alaska Anchorage, regularly teaches students whose parents have taken such a hands-off approach.
Richard Lee Sklena and Pamela Kay Sklena, 7016 Helweg Lane, Blaine.
Touchdown PCR for DHPS genei: DHPS gene amplification was carried out using published PCR primers Dp 15 and Dp800 as described by Helweg et al (6).
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Combining SCCT with Gottfredson's (1981, 1996) stage development theory of circumscription and compromise, Helweg found that although parents had the greatest effect on 10th graders' development of occupational interests, by 12th grade "parental influences had moderated and teachers had become the primary influences as reported by one-third of the students" (p.
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