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Black hellebore, the dried rhizome and roots of Helleborus niger (family Ranunculaceae); used as a cardiac and arterial tonic, diuretic, and cathartic.
[G. helleboros]


Black hellebore, dried rhizome and roots of Helleborus niger; used as a cardiac and arterial tonic, diuretic, and cathartic.
[G. helleboros]


European plant genus in the Ranunculaceae family; contains a protoanemonin glycoside hellebrin causing diarrhea, dysentery, abdominal pain, and cardiac glycosides which cause sudden death. Includes H. argutifolius (H. corsicus), H. foetidus (stinking hellebore, setterwort), H. niger (Christmas rose), H. orientalis, H. viridis (green hellebore).
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Keith and Cindy left my office that Saturday afternoon with one dose of Helleborus niger in a 10M potency.
Helleborus x hybridus: Marietta's favorite grouping of clump-forming types are perennial hybrids of many different hellebore species and cultivars.
IF you want to see John's new helleborus hybrid, Briar Rose, and learn how he has perfected the breeding and growing of hellebores, join him at one of the open weekends.
HELLEBORUS NIGER (CHRISTMAS ROSE) IT MAY not flower at Christmas, but the Christmas rose is a welcome sight in January, producing large, saucer-shaped blooms with a central area of golden stamens.
HELLEBORUS These dainty-looking perennials are valued for their late winter and spring flowers, often in shades of white and dusky pink, but many have attractive foliage too.
Helleborus niger, the Christmas Rose is a favourite, but you'll be lucky if it flowers for you at Christmas.
Although the most popular hybrids these days are the Helleborus x hybridus types with their purple, pink, cream and yellow flowers, there are a number of other true species that are worthy of a position in the garden that not only have excellent floral displays to enjoy but can give a very good foliage display as well.
EASY: Pot up clumps of creamy-coloured Christmas rose or Helleborus niger ready to bring them into the warmth of a porch, greenhouse or conservatory within the next few weeks to force them into flower for Christmas.
Another flower to look out for in January is the Christmas rose, Helleborus niger.