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16 ( ANI ): An armed group has stormed Tripoli's Mitiga International Airport with heavy weapons killing at least 11 people and leaving many injured.
It added thatthe extremists are deploying heavy weapons, "including tanks, all-terrain vehicles with high-caliber weapons and mortars mounted on them.
SANA's correspondent in Homs said the authorities uncovered a workshop for manufacturing IEDs and shells in Burj al-Shams building along al-Masbah Street in the neighborhood, pointing out that the workshop contained heavy weapons, mortar launchers, and large amounts of food and health supplies which the terrorists had seized.
There were heavy weapons such as artillery shells stored in the proximity but the damage is still unknown," Sagala Ratnayake, minister of law and order, told media.
It's better that we restrict our effort to destroying their heavy weapons, transport and communications and try to cut off all supplies and finances reaching them.
Many heavy weapons have been pulled back, under the ceasefire agreement brokered in Minsk, Belarus, to put the warring sides out of range of each other's big guns.
Abadi also said two Iraqi brigades were to start training to retake Anbar province from the jihadists and would need heavy weapons for the fight.
They urged the parties involved to withdraw heavy weapons from conflict regions, and supported international monitors and the establishment of working groups.
Coalition air strikes and the provision of heavy weapons by the international coalition have been very effective, but we have lost over 1,150 Peshmerga and more than 5,000 have been injured.
Lysenko said the previous day the army had noted "the use at least five times of heavy weapons by illegal armed groups against our positions," including conventional artillery and 122-mm mortars.
Faisal Mota was convicted by an antiterrorism court in Wali Babr murder case Rangers had acted on an intelligence tipoff and recovered illegal assault rifles and other heavy weapons from the political party s office.
NNA - Ukraine's military said Thursday it was starting the withdrawal of heavy weapons from the frontline with pro-Russian rebels, a key step in a stuttering peace plan.