Heavy Drinking

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A period of excess alcohol consumption—of 5 alcoholic drinks on any one occasion at least once/month
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The page said, further, that dinner was about ended in the great hall by this time, and that as soon as the sociability and the heavy drinking should begin, Sir Kay would have me in and exhibit me before King Arthur and his illustrious knights seated at the Table Round, and would brag about his exploit in capturing me, and would probably exaggerate the facts a little, but it wouldn't be good form for me to correct him, and not over safe, either; and when I was done being exhibited, then ho for the dungeon; but he, Clarence, would find a way to come and see me every now and then, and cheer me up, and help me get word to my friends.
Gradual as was my development as a heavy drinker among the oyster pirates, the real heavy drinking came suddenly, and was the result, not of desire for alcohol, but of an intellectual conviction.
Persistent heavy drinking eventually damages almost all your organs.
7 percent engaged in heavy drinking (5 or more drinks on an occasion on 5 or more occasions per month).
Moreover, substantial interprovincial differences in smoking and heavy drinking have been documented in the general Canadian population, (9,10) but little is known as to whether this variation applies to Aboriginal people.
She said public health warnings about heavy drinking need to be targeted at men who do not see their drinking as a problem.
ALMOST a fifth of drivers (19%) have driven the morning after a night of heavy drinking, even when they think they could have been over the limit, says a new Automobile Association survey.
Two years later, a group of more than 100 US university presidents and chancellors known as the Amethyst Initiative called for a re-evaluation of the legal drinking age-citing a "clandestine" culture of heavy drinking episodes among college students as one reason that the age-21 law is not working.
Previous studies have linked heavy drinking during pregnancy to health and development problems in children.
Scientists may be better able to study how heavy drinking damages the liver using a new mouse model of alcohol drinking and disease developed by researchers from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), part of the National Institutes of Health.
WORK BY the Department of Veterans Affairs to aid members of the military who report heavy drinking seems to be paying off, according to research presented Oct.
There is adequate evidence that brief behavioral counseling interventions are effective in reducing heavy drinking episodes in adults engaging in risky or hazardous drinking," the task force said.