heat stress index

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heat stress in·dex

(hēt stres in'deks)
Measure of environment's potential to cause heat injury; based on ambient air temperature and relative humidity.
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For use in heat wave watch/warning systems, it is imperative to ascertain whether the heat stress index can identify a level above which excess deaths occur, because this value will be used to initiate public health responses.
1996] = the 1996 population (either all ages, < 65, or [greater than or equal to] 65), N = number of days in a heat stress index category, R = the mean mortality rate for a given group in a heat stress index category, and i refers to the humidex or AT category (n = 1-6).
The unique combination of the relative humidity and temperature capabilities with a calculated Heat Stress Index feature in addition to the timing of sporting events makes this the perfect product for outdoor activities during hot weather.
An affordable pocket instrument, the Kestrel(R) 3000 Pocket Weather(TM) Meter, is available to provide critical heat stress index measurements whenever and wherever needed.
In-depth information on heat stress index and heat-related illness can be found at the NWS web site: http://weather.